A Norwegian Metal Version Of The ‘Friends’ Theme Song Is Here For You (When The Rain Starts To Fall)


Today in metal-covers-of-happy-AF-songs, a Norwegian muso has decided to transform the classic Friends theme song into a brutal riff-fest.


YouTuber Leo Moracchioli has given the Rembrandts popular tune I’ll Be There For You the distortion treatment, drop-tuning, pick-scraping and chugging the crap out of it while dry-humping his outdoor couch in Norway, in a video that would surely make Dethklok proud (but moreso if it contained scream-activated lighting and a river flowing with the blood of endangered species).

But still –


We’re hoping old mate has a crack at Smelly Cat next.

Check it below, or else have a gander at this equally ridic-umazing metal cover of Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.


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