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NSW Drug Squad Police Officers Under Investigation After Accusations Of Manufacturing Their Own Drugs To ‘Entrap’ People

Senior officers of the NSW Drug Squad have had their homes raided by other police after accusations that they had been setting up a drug syndicate to entrap people. Very cool. Love that.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the detectives in question have been accused of “‘encouraging'” criminal behaviour by setting up a drug syndicate and actually manufacturing the drugs.”

“State Crime Command have referred a matter to the Professional Standards Command for further investigation,” a NSW Police spokesperson said to the publication in a statement.

“SF (StrikeForce) Dominion has been established by Professional Standards Command and remains an ongoing investigation.”

They offered no further comment.

So far, no charges have been laid and there’s apparently nothing to suggest that the detectives were attempting to profit from the operation, there are allegations of embellishing and falsifying affidavits.

This is *ahem* very interesting, because the way NSW police enforces drug operations at music festivals has been notoriously heavy-handed to the point where some festivals are no longer with us.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has maintained her stance that pill testing doesn’t work, despite more and more evidence showing that it…does work.

The NSW Police were even taken to court over their ridiculous 2018 police that meant people would be denied entry into festivals if a sniffer dog sat down next to them, regardless of whether any drugs were found.

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