Oasis Reunion Rumours Revived By Mysterious Video

UPDATE: Oasis to release ‘Definitely Maybe’ Remastered — full details here!

Rumours of an Oasis reunion have been given a shot in the arm despite comments by Noel Gallagher that any reunion would not involve himself. A short video posted to the band’s social media channels has teased something set for 9:00am (presumably GMT) 26th February.

The clip features a series of images depicting the Gallagher brothers’ rise to fame, which has led many to speculate that 9:00am 26th February will bring news of a band reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group’s landmark debut album, Definitely Maybe, which many hoped for.

While some fans have responded with glee and even masochism (“I’d give my left bollock for a ticket if Oasis did a reunion tour”) at the possibility of an end to the feud between the warring Gallagher brothers, more level-headed fans are expecting the announcement of a Definitely Maybe reissue.

A subsequent post to the group’s social media accounts of a vinyl copy of the album spinning on a record player does seem to indicate that an anniversary re-release of the band’s iconic debut set for this August is more than likely the cause for the mysterious and rather tantalising video.

However, despite Noel reportedly turning down a £20 million offer to reunite with the band for an anniversary tour and repeatedly quashing reunion rumours, Beady Eye, the Liam Gallagher-led Oasis offshoot, appear to have been removed from the Coachella festival’s lineup page.

While the band still appears on the poster on the home page of the Coachella site, their current omission from the lineup page has some speculating that they will be replaced by an Oasis reunion. Coachella has had several bands reunite to play the festival, including the Pixies and Pulp.

UPDATE 8:13pm 26/02/14: Despite Oasis fans around the world diligently refreshing the band’s social media channels, 9:00am GMT came and went without any announcement. However, a screenshot captured a German blogger appears to have shed some light on the big news.

Music Feeds reported earlier that the band is set to reissue their debut LP this May, but it now appears that Oasis will re-release the band’s first three studio albums — 1994’s Definitely Maybe, 1995’s (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, and 1997’s Be Here Now — and launch a new website.

In a since deleted post made to their official Facebook page (see below), the band indicate that they will issue all three re-releases this year, starting with Definitely Maybe this May. Each will be “fully remastered” and will include “rare recordings and previously unheard tracks.”

Brian Cannon, the band’s longtime designer and overseer for much of their artwork, including the images gracing the band’s first three albums, has released a statement on his personal Facebook page, announcing that he has been working on the reissue project, dubbed Chasing The Sun.

Definitely Maybe (whilst having more or less the same front and back covers) is reissued in four different formats – each with totally different inner imagery, culminating in a 56 paged 12 inch by 12 inch hard backed book available only with the limited edition box set,” he writes in the statement.


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