Oasis Set To Release ‘Definitely Maybe’ Remastered

Oasis are set to unveil a remastering of their landmark 1994 debut, Definitely Maybe, which signalled the dawn of the musical era now known as Britpop, this May. The news was first announced in a profile in the April issue of Mojo magazine, celebrating the LP’s 20th anniversary.

Earlier today, Music Feeds reported on a mysterious video posted to the band’s official social media channels, which featured a rapid-fire series of photos depicting the Gallagher brothers’ rise to fame and fortune, and teasing an announcement set for 9:00am (presumably GMT) 26th February.

While many continue to speculate that the clip is teasing a potential reunion of the band, who broke up in 2009, more pragmatic fans are of the opinion that a Definitely Maybe reissue will soon be announced and it appears that their level-headedness has been well-founded.

As Live4ever reports, the band are set to reissue the album as “a remastered CD, special edition 3CD, vinyl and deluxe boxset,” though no word yet on the engineer in charge of mastering. The remastered edition of Definitely Maybe is already available for pre-order in the iTunes store.

A subsequent social media post by the group, which featured a photo of a vinyl copy of their debut spinning on a record player seems to indicate that this anniversary re-release — the first official acknowledgement of the 20-year landmark by the band — is behind the mysterious video.

According to iTunes, the reissue is slated for a Friday, 16th May release and will include several discs worth of remastered b-sides and single releases, including their 1994 hit, Whatever, as well as several live performances, demos, and cuts from a previously unreleased mix of the album.

UPDATE 8:13pm 26/02/14: A German blogger and Oasis fan has posted a screenshot of a post made to the official Oasis Facebook page, which has since been deleted, detailing the re-release of the band’s first three studio albums and the launch of a new website.

Oasis fans around the world were glued to their computer screens waiting for the big news promised in the cryptic Instagram clip, set for 9:00am GMT, which came and went without any announcement. The post captured by the blogger was apparently quickly deleted soon after posting.

Brian Cannon, the band’s longtime designer and overseer for much of their artwork, including the images on the band’s first three albums, has released a statement to his personal Facebook page, revealing that he has been working on the reissue project, dubbed Chasing The Sun.

Definitely Maybe (whilst having more or less the same front and back covers) is reissued in four different formats – each with totally different inner imagery, culminating in a 56 paged 12 inch by 12 inch hard backed book available only with the limited edition box set,” he writes in the statement.


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