Obese Records Giveaway!

OBESE GETS AS FREE AS A FAT KID WANTS CAKE TO BE! From the label that bought you Spit Syndicate and Dialectrix, Obese records presents 22-year-old MC Skryptcha. Taking inspiration from the lessons of his global travels, Skryptcha, has presented an open-eyed look at breaking away from the tribulations of youth via his EP ‘ Left to Write’. Taking an honest approach to growing up has resulted in the vibrant single “Food For Thought” (featuring guest vocals by Lotek) and the introspective closing number “State of Mind”.

To celebrate the new release, Obese records are throwing merchandise in joy, and we have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of their glee. To get your hands on some sick shirts, a copy of Skryptcha’s EP, Dialectrix’s CD AND a Thundamentals CD all you have to do is answer this question to prove your worth.

Who produced Dialectrix’s Cycles of Survival & Skryptcha’s Left to Write?

To enter, please fill out your details below. We’ll even give you a hint Check out

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