Looks Like Ocean Alley Could Be Teasing A New Album

UPDATE 28/04/20Ocean Alley Announce New Album ‘Lonely Diamond’, Hear New Track ‘Hot Chicken’

Original Story: The lads of Ocean Alley are hinting at something new in the works, with some very mysterious activity popping up on their socials and website over the past week.

Less than a full week after releasing their tour documentary called The Archives, which took fans behind the scenes of recent dates in Europe and America, the lads have begun posting clues hinting perhaps at new music.

The first mysterious post was uploaded on Wednesday, and featured a puzzling image that looks suspiciously like a pack shot or album cover.

Next up came what appears to be some kind of heat map of a chicken drumstick.

Then just hours ago we got a full roast chicken, also rotating, but this time it was accompanied by a snippet of unheard music.

All the posts have linked to the band’s website, and takes you to a page with that first, album artwork-looking image, accompanied by a Sign-Up link and a countdown clock.

The timer ends at Midday on Monday, April 27.

Finally, Ocean Alley have also set up a Facebook event called simply ‘Hot Chicken’. The time and date match up with the website as well.

The band released their second and most recent album Chiaroscuro in March of 2018. So yeah, basically just prepare yourselves because SOMETHING is definitely happening.

Check out the band’s latest single ‘Tombstone’ below:

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