Odd Future to tour Australia

Update: Odd Future 2011 Australian Tour Dates

In recent posts on his tumblr, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All member Hodgy Beats has said the group are planning to tour here in the summer. You can read the first and the second post here, but that is all we have to go on for now.

The group who have been burning up the buzz meter with their free for download self-produced, recorded and written albums have been blowing up like crazy in the last week on the back of leader Tyler The Creator‘s video for his latest single Yonkers getting over a million views on YouTube in eleven days, going on to make the front page of iTunes as well Tyler and Hodgy’s incendiary performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallow, Tyler also having signed a one album deal with XL Recording to release Goblin, the follow up to last year’s Bastard, Yonkers already on sale on iTunes along with the song Tyler and Hodgy perfromed on Fallon titled Sandwiches.

If you haven’t heard of the group, think of them at the post millennium’s answer to Wu Tang, a group of fiercely individual rappers and producers inspiring each other and collaborating while taking charge of their own careers and doing so on their own terms. Their lyrics, often littered with allusions to rape and murder as well as confessional personal reflection and insecurity at times, are delivered with some of the most immediately interesting and counter intuitive flow I’ve heard since I first heard MF Doom, their sometimes random mixture of imagery only adding to the comparison.

They’re very smart though, all still in their late teens and early twenties the group has shown careful attention to their image, marketing themselves on a platform of confronting intensity and youthful exuberance they play up to, without having to manufacture it. They make all their own art and videos, and throughout all of the visual side of their work, even the balaclava sporting live shows there is an atmosphere of menacing swagger that would seem quite ridiculous were it not backed up by the impact of the music.

I’m a fanboy and maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion, but even the vague possibility of these guys coming out to Australia has me swagged out like a motherfucker. Fuck Steve Harvey. SWAG!

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