Odd Future


Tyler The Creator Says Odd Future Is “No More”

Odd Future’s head-honcho Tyler, The Creator has taken to Twitter and looks to have declared the end of the rap-group as it was once known. In a seemingly nostalgic state-of-mind, the rapper posted a picture of the crew in 2010 on Instagram, which included Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean before tweeting, “damn going threw the […]


Tyler, The Creator’s Syrup Commercial Will Gross You Out

Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to advertising campaigns. Enjoyable as his Mountain Dew commercial was, it didn’t quite go as planned for the LA-based auteur. Perhaps the public will be kinder to this “ad” for Aunt Wang Syrup. Directed by Wolf Haley, one of the […]


Watch Tyler The Creator And Earl Sweatshirt Beat Down Seth Rogen

Odd Future’s usually hit-and-miss comedy series Loiter Squad has definitely had another hit with their latest episode. The awesome, yet brief moment features a dolled up Seth Rogen who cops a solid beating from the rap troupe. Upon spotting a lonesome Seth Rogen acting as a 6-year-old girl playing with a football at a park […]


Spend A Saturday With Tyler The Creator In His Ridiculously Luxe Pad

We know it’s run through your mind at some point, probably as you’re making your soggy French toast through bleary eyes on a hungover Saturday. “I wonder if Tyler, The Creator’s weekends are as banal as this one?” Well, speculate no longer, Odd Future fans! The Wolf rapper has posted a video inviting the voyeurs […]


Tyler, The Creator Tours With Own Bacon, Claims Earl Sweatshirt

Fresh off his Wearld Tour, Earl Sweatshirt stopped by Zane Lowe’s BBC radio show and inadvertently spilled the beans about fellow Odd Future member, Tyler, The Creator’s bacon obsession, claiming the rapper has it flown in specially whilst on tour. In an candid interview with Lowe, Earl Sweatshirt and his unnamed cohort revealed that someone […]

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