After Offending Almost Everybody, Azealia Banks Is “Never Saying The Word F****T Ever Again”

Azealia Banks is no stranger to throwing offensive words around but she’s decided that she’s not going to say the word “faggot” ever again because it’s just not worth it for the amount of people she offends everytime she says it.

Banks took to Facebook, because her Twitter is currently suspended for racially abusing Zayn Malik, to offer a general apology for her recent behaviour and to tell everyone that she’s realised “that words hurt”.

“While i may be immune to every word and be thicker skinned than most, it doesn’t mean that i get to go around treating people with the same toughness that made my skin so thick,” she wrote.

“Because, that IS how people get thick skin… by being subjected to name calling/belittlement/abuse and its not fair. Not fair to my fans, not fair to my peers but most importantly, Not fair to myself.”

It’s a little more of a sincere apology than the one she offered Malik after she called him a “hairy curry scented bitch,” and was dropped from UK festival as a result.

“I want to SINCERELY apologize to my fans for having let so many of you down over the years,” she wrote.

Despite amassing a large gay fanbase, Banks has a long history of calling people “faggots”. She first publicly said it to Baauer when he allegedly blocked her remix of Harlem Shake, and then further offered it up to Perez Hilton after he critiqued her for it.

Last year she also allegedly lashed out at a staff member on a flight calling them a “fucking faggot”.

She’s had a pretty controversial 12 months, allegedly assaulting a security guard, being threatened with a lawsuit by Sarah Palin and calling Splendour In The Grass “a waste of my fucking time”.

In more positive news, this year she also released her first body of work since 2014’s Broke With Expensive Taste – a mixtape titled Slay-Z.

Read her full Facebook apology below.

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