Hear The Offspring’s Killer New Theme Song For ‘Sharknado 4’

Oh hell yes.

Hollywood is blowing a brand new movie in the unstoppable Sharknado franchise our way and its official theme song comes courtesy of nineties pop punk kings The Offspring.

While the band’s previously released 2008 choon Hammerhead itself could be considered an appropriate anthem for Sharknado IV, the film’s official new theme comes in the form of a Dickies’ cover.

“We love ‪#‎Sharknado‬. We love The Dickies,” Dexter & co posted on Facebook. “So we thought it would be fun to record our own version of The Dickies ‪#‎Gigantor‬ for the new movie Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.”

Needless to say, we can’t wait for it to tear through our ears like a chainsaw through an aeronautical Great White.


The Sharknado films, of course, use cutting edge visual effects to unfold the tale of humanity’s fight to survive a hell-storm of swirling winds and killer mega-fish out to wreak maximum destruction.

And The Offspring’s new theme tune takes centre stage in the trailer for the fourth instalment, complete with old school sing-a-long-song style lyrics, which are helpful if you’re trying to focus on the song itself rather than the blood-curdling screams of characters being shredded by the multi-toothed weather phenomenon of death.

Catch it below.

P.S. no word yet as to whether the cover will feature on The Offspring’s new album, which is apparently due to drop some time this year.

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