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OK Go Drop Spectacularly Ridiculous New Video For ‘The One Moment’

It’s almost obligatory that OK Go take every new music video they create to new levels of crazy awesomeness, and their latest clip for The One Moment only serves to perpetuate their increasing notoriety for making the impossible happen on camera.

The clip begins with a brief moment of paint bombs going off, rubber bullets being shot through colourballs, glass shattering, water balloons and guitars exploding.

Then the music starts, and that 4.2 second moment you just saw is slowed down, and something amazing happens. Every part of the chain reaction syncs up perfectly with the music at the lyrics in this amazing, peaceful, yet completely insane moment of musical beauty.

Single piano notes sync to exploding balls of paint, timbre changes as glass shatters and flip books of lead singer Damian Kulash appear to sing the lyrics as you hear them.

The band have also shared a ‘making of’ video just to give you some idea of the time and effort that went into making this masterpiece. In the clip they explain that they took a month just to decide what “bursting things” they wanted in the clip and “how those things felt emotionally”.

Kulash also reveals that the band had a spreadsheet where every moment has a frame number so that the moment each thing happened was completely precise.

Earlier this year OK Go released a gravity-defying clip for Upside Down & Inside Out and a couple of years ago they unveiled the illusion-packed video for The Writing’s On The Wall.

Check out their incredible The One Moment video, below.

Watch: Ok Go – ‘The One Moment’

Watch: Ok Go – Making Of ‘The One Moment’

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