One-Man Flash Mob The Dancing Accountant Needs No Credentials With Moves Like These

Sydney’s one-man flash mob known only as The Dancing Accountant has started to make his presence felt. No Swedish furniture shop or CBD water feature appears to be out of his domain with two videos popping up online of the mysterious and intriguing figure cutting sick in front of shoppers in IKEA, and commuters at Martin Place.

Onlookers are clearly fighting back the urge to touch his hair, or stroke his soft, sleeveless sweater, but instead stand back and witness the explosion of movement unfolding before them. Shrouded in secrecy, it’s impossible to say where he will appear next, or whether or not he’s actually a register accountant, but surely moves like these are more valuable than any qualification.

Truth be told, he probably wouldn’t be the best person covering your books, as he’ll constantly be out and about, well, dancing in fountain, getting your group certificates all soggy. But, hey, we’re not gonna start pulling threads on this one and instead sit back and watch without and any critical thought.

We suggest you do the same.

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