Watch Yesterday’s ‘Footloose’ Inspired Angry Dance Protest Against Sydney’s Lockout Laws

There has been a lot of noise around Sydney’s lockout laws recently, with more articles that this writer can be bothered linking to coming out of this website in the past six months.

Still of all the many different forms of protest being trialled by disaffected city dwellers, one Sydneysider’s idea of dancing through Martin Place ala the Kevin Bacon ’80s classic Footloose has got to take the cake.

While not exactly having the same political and cultural impact of the Keep Sydney Open rally on Sunday, or the turnout, there was nevertheless a lot of positive energy in the air.

Check it out for yourselves here below, then relive some of the best banners from Keep Sydney Open’s weekend rally.

Sydney Lockout Laws Flash Mob Protest

Earlier this evening, Sydneysiders protested the lockout laws by taking over Martin Place in a big flash mob. Their song choice was pretty spot on!

Posted by on Monday, 22 February 2016

Footloose Flash Mob Against The Lockouts

Went down to check out the Footloose Flash Mob against the lockout laws in Martin Place for Music Feeds this arvo. Not as big a turn out as Keep Sydney Open had at the rally but great to see the people of Sydney finding new ways to express their frustrations at #CasinoMike and his curfew

Posted by Mikey Carr on Monday, February 22, 2016

Gallery: The Funniest Anti-Lockout Banners From The ‘Keep Sydney Open’ Rally (21.02.16)

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