A One Nation Senator Is Calling For Australians To Boycott Midnight Oil’s Tour

Midnight Oil announced their first world tour in over two decades yesterday and while most were thrilled with the news there was at least one person who was not.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts is calling for everyone to boycott the Midnight Oil tour because of comments frontman Peter Garrett made about the party’s leader Pauline Hanson.

“I guess we thought we would never see Hanson raise her ugly face again and we really went tough on that on the Redneck Wonderland album. You find some of those words are going to resonate,” Garrett told Herald Sun.

Roberts took to Twitter to start his boycott by calling Garrett’s comments, “disgusting,” and further tweeting, “BOYCOTT MIDNIGHT OIL’S TOUR.”

“GARRETT want to fix the “ugliness” of politics by calling Pauline ugly,” he continued and then asked the Greens whether they would, “call out this blatant sexism?”

Unsurprisingly, he’s not getting a lot of support on Twitter with most choosing to tell him that Garrett was talking about Hanson’s policies not her looks.

It’s been a bad week for Roberts on Twitter. Earlier in the week he started a Twitter poll asking how the government should spend $5 billion of taxpayer money currently used for green energy. Twitter voter bypassed the options of debt, infrastructure and education with 87% voting for green energy.

He then started another poll asking why people support green energy. At 92%, the overwhelming winner is currently, “I’m a socialist.”

It’s probably safe to say that people are still going to turn up to Midnight Oil’s shows.

Check out his tweets below.

UPDATE: 27/02/17: The Oils are going to add even more shows to their Aussie tour after eight sold-the-fark-out on the first day of sales.

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