One Night Stand 2012 Shut Down Due To Extreme Weather Conditions

triple j’s One Night Stand concert in Dalby was shut down early tonight due to the extreme weather conditions. During the first 25mins of 360’s set, a huge downpour of rain fell, causing flooding in the front-of-house speakers and water damage to the stage monitors. Sadly, The Temper Trap set could not go ahead as planned.

triple j Manager Chris Scaddan said: “Due to safety reasons 360’s set was postponed. After ten minutes it was clear the water wasn’t going to stop and the call was made by triple j and event production staff that the concert couldn’t continue safely. We were sorry to let down the people of Dalby after such a build up. We’re glad the first part of the day went ahead and the crowd got to see great performances by Matt Corby, Stonefield and Mace and the Motor.”

The Temper Trap also commented on the situation: “We were really disappointed when told we couldn’t go on stage at triple j’s One Night Stand for safety reasons. We were advised the amount of water had made the site unsafe for the crowd, working personnel and the bands. The crowd at Dalby was awesome and we were amped to get out there and play. Thanks to everyone who came and we hope to see you at a show soon.”

triple j presenters Tom Ballard, Alex Dyson, The Doctor, Linda Marigliano and Sarah Howells hosted the event, which was headlined by 360, Stonefield and Matt Corby.

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