Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Know: “Where Did All The Rock Stars Go?”

65-year-old hard rock icon Ozzy Osbourne wants to know who’s going to carry the flag once he, his brothers in Black Sabbath, and the rest of the rock and roll old guard pass on. Apparently unaware of his own seeming invincibility, Osbourne says he is concerned about the future of rock stardom.

“That might be a very true statement,” the singer recently told Kerrang! magazine (via Noise11) when asked if he thinks there’s a dearth of rock stars today. “I honestly don’t know who’s going to carry the flag in the future, but I wish someone would hurry up. None of us are getting any younger.”

Speaking in August 2012, former Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher mused that “rock stardom will die” as a result of the ailing music economy. “Nobody will make enough money any more to be rock stars,” said Gallgher. “Everybody will be jobbing musicians. It’s unbelievable.”

Osbourne said one must be an “extrovert” to be a rock star, which brought to mind one particular muso. “David Bowie comes to mind. He’s always original with his image and music. Nowadays, I have a problem telling who’s in the band and who’s in the crew. No one looks like a rock star!”

The heavy metal godfather came 23rd in Kerrang!‘s 50 Greatest Rockstars In The World Today countdown. “Probably because I’m Ozzy Osbourne!” he explained when asked about the ranking. “But the past year, with the success of Sabbath’s 13 album and the world tour, probably didn’t hurt.”

Though he may be beloved by the heavy metal media, founding Sabbath drummer Bill Ward recently revealed that he and Osbourne were no longer on friendly terms following comments made by Osbourne in the wake of Ward’s split from the legendary group over contract disputes.

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