Peace Have Written A Bizarre Love Song To Australia

This is how excited Peace are to be coming to Australia this year for Groovin The Moo 2015. Pay no mind to their artfully blank expressions and deadpan delivery, these UK indie rockers are frothing to hop a plane Down Under. So much so that they’ve penned a special heartfelt sonnet just for us and it’s, uh, well, it’s really something.

In the freshly Facebook-uploaded video for their ode to all things Aussie, the quartet wax lyrical about Australiany things such as Vegemite and Tim Tams, while chilling out with some scaly blue-tongue lizard mates, as well as superimposed koalas, emus and what’s probably the Great Barrier Reef.

Watching frontman Harry Koisser draped in an Australian flag like some kind of patriotic trauma victim while crooning choice lyrics such as “Vegemite incites delight on English tongues / triple j’s flooding my eardrums”, it’s difficult not to be somewhat perplexed by this strange and perhaps unnecessary tribute to our nation’s proud stereotypes. But still, far be it from us to spurn the attention.

Peace are headed to our shores this month for Groovin The Moo and have recently announced a run of headlining dates on the back of the roaming outdoor festival.

So, is their love song to Australia just a cute, tongue-in-cheek show of affection or something more akin to finding out that the creepy kid at school has a secret shrine to you inside their locker? You be the judge. Either way, thanks, Peace. We really needed the confidence boost today.

Watch: Peace – ‘Sup Australia

Australia. This is how much we're looking forward to our upcoming tour. X

Posted by Peace on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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