People Are Accusing Fetty Wap Of Ripping Off A Wave Racer Song

Wave Racer fans have cottoned on to a Fetty Wap song that they believe has used a sample from his remix of Flight Faciltiies’ Stand Still.

Wap’s ‘Way You Are’ was released last month and it has elements in it that sound similar to Wave Racer’s remix from three years ago.

“Hey, did you know that Fetty Wap sampled you? This song kind sounds like your Stand Still remix,” a fan asked the Aussie producer on Twitter.

He then quoted the tweet and wrote, “hmm,” which doesn’t really answer the question as to whether he knew or not.

Flight Facilities’ label Future Classic and Wave Racer’s label Astral People have declined to comment, but both are aware of the Fetty Wap song in question.

As Stoney Roads point out, if Wave Racer’s sounds have been jacked, it won’t be the first time. Chris Brown’s 2014 tune ‘Body Shots’ sounds awfully similar to Wavie’s remix of Panama’s ‘Always’.

Listen to both the Fetty Wap song and the Wave Racer remix below and decide for yourself whether or not they sound similar.

Listen: Fetty Wap – ‘Way You Are’

Listen: Flight Facilities – ‘Stand Still’ (Wave Racer Remix)

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