Perth DJ Takes Aim At Local Residents’ Noise Complaints

Jack Rabbit Slims has become one of the most respected and vibrant venues on the struggling Perth music scene in the last year, so when local DJ Timbee found a note left by a resident nearby by calling for the local government to reduce noise coming from the venue he wasn’t having a bar of it.

Timbee noticed the memo, left on a nearby notice board – which encouraged other residents to “put in noise complaints for Jack Rabbit Slims (nightclub) for their excessive noise during the weekdays.”

He then posted a photo of the note in question to Facebook; holding absolutely no bars and taking the the anonymous note-writer to town for seeking “to actively destroy a community” of musicians which was there long before they decided to move nearby.”

“Do you know what grinds my gears like almost nothing else? People who move into a nightclub district and then seek to start active campaigns against the venues around them,” says Timbee. “Northbridge has seen the closure of a number of venues as residential rate payers out number the voting power of venues more than 10 fold. They seek to actively target and destroy a community which was there long before these whinging yuppies took up residence in a completely inappropriate location.

“You relinquished your right to complain about noise when you sought out a lease next to a famous nightspot,” he continues. “Unless you are a special sort of moronic ninny, I have to assume that you were aware that your property backed onto a bar or nightclub and it didn’t just appear one day as you were watching channel-7’s Sunrise while eating your almond-milk paleo gluten free porridge.”

Read the post in full, below.

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