Perth Venue Apologises Following Backlash Over Offensive Signs

Perth’s Brass Monkey Hotel has publicly apologised after copping backlash on social media for some sexist and sexually suggestive signs which were hung outside the venue for a “frat-themed party”.

As News Corp Australia reports, the Brass Monkey Hotel was plastered with signs which read “Daughter drop-off point”, “We want your freshmen daughters”, “We want your freshmen sons, too”, “Our couch pulls out, but we don’t” and “MILFs and DILFs welcome”.

Following a number of angry posts from patrons to the venue’s Facebook page, operators posted an official statement, which reads:

“We have been contacted by concerned people from the WA community regarding banners that were placed on the exterior of our venue today for an upcoming Frat themed party.

“The team meant no offence or harm to anyone by the messages written on these banners and can see how they are inappropriate. These banners have now been taken down and will not be put up again.

“The team at the Brass Monkey Hotel would like to apologize for any one affected by these messages and hope that you have a great New Years.”

Meanwhile, rival pub Mechanics’ Institute, which is across the road from the Brass Monkey Hotel, has hung its own banner in response, featuring the words “Women are amazing”.

“We normally don’t like to comment on other bars and their doings,” Mechanics’ Institute wrote on Facebook. “But we thought we should hang our own banner in contrast to the stupidity across the road.”

View Mechanics’ Institute’s response alongside the Brass Monkey Hotel’s full apology, below.

Brass Monkey Hotel Apology (Via Facebook)

brass monkey hotel apology 2016 source facebook

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