Peter Dutton Follows Malcolm Turnbull, Fails To Name Any AC/DC Songs During Interview

Following a failed bid to claim leadership of the Liberal Party, Peter Dutton has followed in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s footsteps by failing to name a single AC/DC song when asked which is his favourite during a radio interview.

Speaking on Triple M this morning after losing the Liberal leadership spill by 48 to 35 votes on Tuesday, Dutton was asked by host Wil Anderson if he could tell listeners his favourite Acca Dacce tune.

Sadly, a clearly exhausted Dutton couldn’t bring any to mind.

“Mate, this is one where it catches you out. I’ve had about an hour-and-a-half sleep last night,” he said.

“I’ll try and catch up with you Will, but I haven’t mate I’m sorry. You’ve got the gotcha of the day.”

After the interview ended, Anderson joked that he was worried by Dutton’s response to the AC/DC question.

“I am worried about the fact that we might have two Prime Ministers in a row who can’t name an AC/DC song though, that still does worry me a little bit,” he said.

“He handled it a bit better, but it still worries me a little that he can’t name one.”

Dutton’s AC/DC gaffe comes after Malcolm Turnbull copped flack when he couldn’t name an AC/DC song during an interview on Triple M in November.

Turnbull later copped it for not knowing the lyrics to John Farnham’s ‘You’re The Voice’ as well, because, well, Australia.

Listen to Dutton’s full Triple M interview, below. Anderson’s question about AC/DC is at the nine minute mark.

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