That Petition To Ban Phil Collins’ Musical Comeback Has Been Shut Down

Phil Collins fans have risen up as one to sledgehammer an online petition calling to ban the UK legend from making his long-awaited musical comeback.

After being forced to shut down the petition against all odds, the unfortunately-named campaign architect Brian Pee now claims the whole thing was “just a silly joke”.

just kidding

Pee launched the campaign just over a week ago, shortly after Collins’ announced plans to come out of retirement to record new music and embark on a comeback tour, with his eye on Aussie stadiums.

Pee’s paper garnered almost 4 and a half thousand John Hancocks by the time it was slapped down, with Pee also announcing plans to present it to the U.N., before showing his true colours.

“It very obviously wasn’t a serious petition,” Pee wrote on the now-defunct page, which he closed after an army of Phil Collins diehards launched their own counter petitions.

“Surely no one could think this was going to be sent to the U.N. It was low brow satire, a farcical jest that I shared with some friends.”

But Pee also admits that some petition supporters were in a land of confusion: “People who signed this get that it was a joke. Some others didn’t”.

He continued: “I doubt very much that Phil Collins would give a damn about my musical taste, and nor do I think anyone else should be bothered by something that was easy to see had no serious intent. It was a silly joke, that is all, no more than that.”

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