Trump Used Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ To Troll US City Suffering Severe COVID-19 Outbreak

More details have emerged about Donald Trump’s unauthorised use of Phil Collins‘ 1981 mega-hit ‘In The Air Tonight’ at his Presidential campaign rallies.

Two weeks ago, we reported that the Genesis legend had slapped the sentient Cheeto puff with a cease & desist order for using the iconic banger at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

Now, not only has it been confirmed that this is the 2nd cease & desist letter Collins’ team has actually sent to the Trump campaign over the combover king’s unauthorised use of the track, Collins’ lawyers are further alleging that Trump used the song as a COVID-19 troll while the city was being gripped by a mass outbreak of the virus.

According to a copy of the cease and desist letter obtained by TMZ, Collins’ attorney, David A. Steinberg, writes that the use of the song was “not only wholly unauthorized but, as various press articles have commented, particularly inappropriate since it was apparently intended as a satirical reference to Covid-19.

“That reference was made at a time when Iowa was suffering from an acceleration of Covid-19 infection,” he continues. “The Mr. Collins does not condone the apparent trivialization of Covid-19. Moreover, Mr. Collins has serious concerns that the manner in which the Trump campaign has used ‘In the Air Tonight’ has caused, and will cause, damage to Mr. Collins’ reputation and popularity with the public.”

Phil Collins now joins legends Leonard Cohen, Queen, Neil Young, and the Rolling Stones in having had their music played at Trump rallies against their will.

Artists aren’t the only ones filing lawsuits against the US President, either. TikTok announced back in August that they, too, would be filing a lawsuit.

Anyway, do some air drums to Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ below and watch the ‘First Time Hearing’ twins Tim and Fred Williams react to it here.

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