Petition Wants “Jack & Coke” Renamed “A Lemmy” In Tribute To Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister

The death of Lemmy Kilmister continues to inspire fans of the late Motörhead frontman to suggest naming things after him, and the latest episode involves a petition which wants the famous Jack Daniels and Coke to be renamed a “Lemmy”. user “Gimme A Lemmy” is somehow petitioning “the entire world” to make their dream happen, and since launching the petition yesterday, has seen over 13,000 Lemmites show their support at the time of writing.

Kilmister, whose love of whisky was unrivaled, “will forever be associated” with the Jack & Coke according to the petition’s creator, who says their idea is meant to “celebrate and remember one of Rock and Roll’s true legends”. It’s a pretty far-fetched idea, but cheers to the sentiment.

lemmy kilmister dio drinking gif

The “Gimme A Lemmy” petition, which could (but probably won’t) have us all ordering a “Lemmy on the rocks” pretty soon, comes after a UK man called for a newly-discovered heavy metal element to be named Lemmium earlier this week.

With these, uh, interesting ideas in the bag, it’s now become a question of what else the world will want to name after Lemmy, and should we maybe set a limit so that not everything bears his name?

Lemmy Kilmister’s funeral will be live-streamed from 10am AEDT this Sunday, 10th January, and you can tune in right here with your Jack & Coke Lemmy in hand.

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