Phoebe Bridgers’ Smashed Guitar Just Sold For Over $100K

The god foresaken legacy of what was supposed to be an innocent rock music rite of passage has now hit another milestone, as Phoebe Bridgers‘ guitar that she smashed on Saturday Night Live has just been auctioned off.

Bridgers donated the remnants of her guitar to GLAAD who auctioned it off over the weekend, and it went for an impressive $101,500 USD, according to Variety.

The supervising producer of the GLAAD Media Awards, Anthony Ramos, said the person who walked away with the guitar must be someone “who’s either a huge Phoebe Bridgers fan or someone who is really into broken guitars or someone who really wants to help us accelerate our work for the LGBTQ community, and hopefully, it’s someone who checks all three of those boxes.”

“Saturday night when I went to bed, it was around $18,000, and I was like, ‘That’s a great number!’” Ramos said, according to Variety.

“I was kind of hoping we would get to 25. Then I woke up and it was 40, then 50, then 80, and finally over 100. Obviously, we were very pleasantly surprised. I’m so thankful someone wanted to support our work and wanted that guitar so badly.”

Phoebe Bridgers smashed the guitar during her epic closing performance of ‘I Know The End’ on Saturday Night Live earlier this year, and while some people took some issue with it, many folks absolutely loved it, including Dave Grohl.

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