Photographer Snaps Bored Dads At One Direction Concert, So Much FML

At a recent crotch-grab session One Direction concert, Vice West Coast photographer Jamie Taete documented an oft neglected victim participant of the current Tween craze – dem poor dads.

As you can see in the below gallery, old mates have become resourceful in their efforts to escape the reality in front of them, whereas some just sleep through it all.

Some dads choose to bunker down with a good book, close to the meeting point no doubt. One dude is clearly tweeting his dad-bro about how awful the whole thing is, and some fathers even have the gig so down path, they know where the power points are so they can charge their phones, because god forbid being disconnected from your fellow dad-bros.

A few of the dads decide the best idea is to tune out all together. You’ll notice the photo of old mate who’s about to nod off, and one guy who has managed to master the art of sleeping while standing.

Regardless of what they chose to do, they all bear that immutable look of total agony. Stay strong, guys.

(Images via Jamie Taete’s Instagram)

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