Teenage Dads' Jordan Finlay performing at Laneway 2024 | CREDIT: Marc Grimwade/WireImage.

Teenage Dads Announce New Album ‘Majordomo’

Teenage Dads have detailed their second studio album, entitled Majordomo. The official follow-up to 2018’s Potpourri Lake arrives next month on Friday, August 23rd via Chugg Records – the same day their headlining Australian tour kicks off in Brisbane. The band have also shared the album’s fifth single to coincide with its announcement, entitled ‘Boyfriend’.

In a press statement, the band describe ‘Boyfriend’ as “a triumphant song”. “[It’s] about seizing the day and not worrying about what everyone else is saying and doing,” they said. “You’ve come to terms with what you can’t control, and you’re finally opening your lungs and singing.” The accompanying music video was directed by the band’s drummer Vincent Kinna, and was partially shot in his childhood bedroom in the Mornington Peninsula.

“A relationship story felt right, but I wanted something more innocent and unique,” said Kinna. “That’s how we ended up with a boy and his living TV best friend. The sad ending serves as a poignant reminder that there aren’t always happy endings in life so we need to seize the day and enjoy the ride.”

Teenage Dads – ‘Boyfriend’

Majordomo was recorded piecemeal over the last two years, following the release of their ARIA Awardwinning Midnight Driving EP. It was recorded with producer Chris Collins, who also served as a co-writer and contributor to the album. Three singles from Majordomo were released in 2023: the Hottest 100placing ‘Speedracer’ in June, ‘I Like It’ in August and ‘Tale Of A Man’ in November.

‘Weaponz’ was the most recent single lifted from the album, which was premiered live by the band while on tour as part of this year’s Laneway Festival before officially being released in late February. As to why the album was titled Majordomo, the band explained that the title comes from an old-fashioned term for “a person whose job is to make arrangements or take charge for another: someone who runs the enterprise.”

“We wanted to take that word and explore themes of control,” the band said. “Sometimes you might be the majordomo, seizing the day; others you are falling from the sky in a box, unable to do anything.”

Majordomo can be pre-saved and pre-ordered by clicking here.

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