Police Arrest & Charge Man Who Allegedly Threw A Firecracker On Stage At Shannon Noll Gig

Police have arrested and charged a 27-year-old man who allegedly threw a firecracker on stage during Shannon Noll’s performance in South West Rocks last week.

Following the incident, Nollsie blasted the “fucking moron” who supposedly threw the “bunger” (that means firecracker, for those who need translating) on stage, injuring his keyboardist, his drummer and several nearby fans. He wrote on social media at the time that he hoped “security caught the dickhead who threw it”.

In a statement, police say that following the firecracker throw, “a band member attempted to extinguish the wick with his foot; however, the ‘bunger’ exploded, burning a hole in his shoe.

“He sustained superficial burns to his foot and was treated at the scene before being taken to Kempsey District Hospital for further treatment.”

Police arrested the alleged perpetrator in Port Macquarie today and charged him with “affray and negligently handle explosive [sic] to cause a person injury”.

The man is due to appear in Kempsey Local Court on 25th September 2017.

In lighter Nollsie news, because let’s face it there’s always news to share when it comes to the Aussie icon, he’s picked himself up a new pair of wheels. He posted a picture to social media today with his new Holden which is no doubt another one to add to the collection.

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