Police Respond To Big Day Out Brutality Allegations

QLD police have responded to the allegations made by 26-year-old Brisbane man, Morgan MacManus over an incident that allegedly occurred at The Gold Coast Big Day Out on Sunday. MacManus alleges that he was punched in the eye by a QLD police officer while he was handcuffed and had each arm restrained by 2 other police officers, and that this was after police had already dislocated his shoulder and elbow.

Response from QLD Police Service

A 26-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct at the Big Day Out. During the arrest at the Parklands, he was observed by independent medical personnel.

The man was taken to Southport Watchhouse, where he was issued with a Public Nuisance Infringement Notice and released.

On arrival at the Watchhouse, all prisoners are asked a series of health questions.

Preliminary inquiries suggest the man made no reference to the physical injuries he now claims to have suffered during the arrest, nor is there any record of him requesting medical attendance at that time. To our knowledge he has made no formal complaint about police conduct.

If he wishes to make a formal complaint about the conduct of an officer, he can do so through his local police station, the Ethical Standards Command or the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

Update: Morgan MacManus Has Responded To Qld Police Service

I have just sought legal advice prior to making a complaint for my treatment during this arrest. I plan to submit a complaint to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

When I look over the police report I realize there is consistent error as my teeth injury was exacerbated from being thrown to the ground during the arrest. I had a swollen eye upon arrival at Southport from being blind side punched in the eye while in handcuffs during my being placed in the Paddy-Wagon and I had various bruises and a swollen dislocated elbow and an injured shoulder which had previously been dislocated during my arrrest. I was also kept on Southport Police premises for 5 and a half hours without being told what I was arrested for-I received an infringement notice upon my exit.

I repeatedly asked for medical attention for the injuries I received from police from the time I was thrown headfirst into the ground, till the time I was realeased at southport watch house. During my stay in Southport watch house I repeatedly pleaded for Medical attention from the time of front desk processing until release 5 and a half hours later-even while I was being kept in a cell I repeatedly pressed the intercom to ask for medical assistance.

This has been a harrowing experience for me, not what I expected while attending to a Music Festival.

Update: A Qld Police Service spokesperson said they stand by their initial statement.

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