Police Warn About New ‘PSY Drug’ Doing The Rounds

Now this is something PSY would definitely not be breaking out a horse dance over.

Adelaide Now and Pedestrian report that an image of the South Korean pop sensation – responsible for his worldwide smash hit Gangnam Style – has beem imprinted on a new, bad batch of drug LSD (aka acid) which is currently doing the rounds.

And it’s already had an impact on some New South Wales teenagers, with five teenagers from the state hospitalised after they sampled some of the drug at various parties over the weekend.

On Friday night, four Sydney teenagers were rushed to hospital after overdosing on LSD at a beach party, while another 15-year-old girl was rushed to hospital 24 hours later after taking the drug at a birthday party near Coffs Harbour.

Police were also called to another party in Toormiba that night to attend to a 15-year-old boy, who was displaying violent behaviour after taking a tab of the drug.

Coffs Harbour Police Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay said the public should avoid the drug at all costs.

“Taking any drug carries with it an unacceptable risk, but we would ask extra precaution to be taken in the area following these incidents,” he told News Limited.

“There is clearly more of this drug circulating in the community and anyone who consumes it carries with them the risk of permanent brain damage or death.”

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