Poppy & Ghostemane Are Engaged

Get ready for one of the kookiest wedding of our generation because two metal stars are about to tie the knot.

Poppy has revealed and her partner, metal-infused Soundcloud rapper Ghostemane, are officially engaged!

Poppy took to Instagram to share a snap of her very goth-looking engagement ring, before tweeting a whole bunch of wedding-themed emojis.

One of her reps has since confirmed the news of the pair’s engagement to ET as well so, friends, these blackened nuptials are indeed happening.

Following the news of the engagement, fans swiftly hit Reddit to share their thoughts on the upcoming unholy matrimony: “I think we can all agree the wedding dress is probably going to be absolutely nuts if it happens,” u/CapnSquinch wrote.

“I know it’s not your typical engagement ring but Poppy is anything but typical,” u/we_appreciate_power added.

Poppy of course laid waste to stages in Australia last year as part of Good Things 2019, while Ghostemane recently returned to his black metal roots with a new side project dubbed Baader-Meinhof.

Both have been pretty lowkey about their relationship on socials, at least til now.

Big congrats to the happy couple!

Check out Poppy’s engagement ring below.

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