Powderfinger Breakup Caused By Fanning Solo Album Success

Powderfinger are all set to release their biography Footprints on November 8th and details of why the band broke up are starting to emerge. The success of Bernard Fanning’s solo album Tea And Sympathy in 2005 caused major tension in the band. Drummer Jon Coghill even called Fanning at the time saying:

Mate, if you want a fucken solo career, then go and have it.

Fanning was disappointed at the way he was treated by the rest of the band at the time and states in the book:

That was difficult to deal with because everyone made a record except for Cogsy. Mine just did really well.

Another episode that pushed the band towards breakup occurred when Fanning had to leave his wife, Andrea Portela Moreno, in Spain, just days after she had a heart operation, to play shows with the band back in Australia.

In the biography Fanning says:

There was no consideration that maybe we should cancel the show because my wife was in hospital on the other side of the world.

One thing is for sure, we’ll see another solo album from Bernard Fanning very soon. We may not hear about the other Powderfinger members again …

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