Pre-Teen Metal Band Unlocking The Truth Unveil Raw Trailer For New Doco ‘Breaking A Monster’

At the age of 11, armed with just a kit, a guitar, a bass and some serious ‘tude, Unlocking The Truth captured the imaginations of the entire music industry. Now, the trailer has been unveiled for a documentary titled Breaking A Monster covering the band’s extraordinary rise to the top.

The three piece made up of then-7th grade African-American kids from Brooklyn took the digital world by storm when they were filmed busking in Times Square. Before long, they were looking down the barrel of a major label record deal and performing at some of the biggest events on offer. It’s upon this setting that the documentary takes place.

As the trailer reveals, the band learn the hard way that for every offer to open for Metallica, there’s a meeting to chat royalties, and for every email regarding your Coachella performance there’s 10 from your manager about recording an album.

Directed by Luke Meyer, the documentary looks like a rare and honest look at young stars in the making as opposed to another Bieber-esque self-styled docu-drama.

Breaking A Monster drops June 24th with the band’s album, the aptly named Chaos dropping just before on the 17th.

WATCH: Breaking A Monster trailer

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