Premiere: Future Love Hangover Debuts Clip For ‘Yesterdays Heart Sunrise’

Future Love Hangover continues to charge through on his mission to reinvent the mundane concept of an album. Today we have some visual stimulai from the forward-thinking music man in the form of Yesterdays Heart Sunrise

The clip itself is totally animated and a total wig-out experience. Though it’s no Banky artwork, the crude drawings serve their own purpose. As though telling the story vicariously through the mind of a child, fondly recanting a recent intergalactic adventure, the video is charming, minimal and easy to watch, bar the low production values.

Exposure is a concept plucked from the future. A far more dynamic way to experience an album, Exposure offers rewards for time rather than money existing around a body of recorded material, funnelled through the interwebs through a portal with no industry jargon or personal bullshit, just a cube of creative content.

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