PREMIERE: Last Dinosaurs soar into new territory with ‘Flying’

Last Dinosaurs have remained a stalwart of the Australian indie scene for over a decade now, but 2020 sees them take a new direction with the release of ‘Flying’.

While being most commonly associated with indie pop and rock, ‘Flying’ sees them try their hand at French house and 90s-inspired nu disco – and nailing it.

Inspired by the likes of Jamiroquai, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Daft Punk, the band said in a press statement that “we were kids when we heard this stuff on the radio and TV so it’s in our reptile brains and it’ll never get out.”

The demo was made at a time when I had to either be wallowing in loneliness, or enjoying the freedoms let’s say, of a single young man,” lead guitarist Lachlan Caskey said.

“My friend from Spain about 12 years my senior whom I consider to be a brother was responsible to helping me capitalise on this time, and for a period of about 6 months took me out every Friday to admittedly tacky clubs and shit house bars.

“Of course, I was nervous and uncomfortable in the beginning, but I eventually learned to embrace being the very kind of sleaze-bag that I still despise, only because I had no choice.”

He continued, “this formative period of going to euro-dance clubs and trying my luck got me vibing on Nu-Disco again. I can romanticise this period through a cool and corny lens of 90s Nu-Disco and that makes me happy.”

The band have also dropped a video for the track, which was directed by Michael Sloane and is perfectly fitting for the song.

They wrapped up their 2019 with a nationwide tour in support of their recent album Yumeno Garden, now being hard at work on album #4.

Watch the video below.

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