PREMIERE: Melbourne Rockers Localles Share Political New Single ‘JFK’

Melbourne rockers Localles have thrown their hat into the arena of political commentary with their brand new single JFK, the latest shot to be fired from the grassy knoll on the horizon that is their debut EP.

As you can tell by its title, JFK is a loaded track in which the band discusses partisan politics and the efforts of those on either side of the fence to argue with the other simply for the sake of not agreeing. The very same type of politics which is ruining parts of the world right before our eyes.

The greater message of the song is coated in a thick layer of grunge pop fuzz and delivered in a slacker rock tone, so we strongly suggest you give JFK your undivided attention so that you don’t miss its important and articulate messages.

Embodying everything that was good and right from the glory days of pub-rock, Localles’ live routine is starting to garner some buzz. Add some political awareness to that and they could have all the hallmarks of the next Midnight Oil. Too soon?

Give JFK a spin, below. Localles will be launching the single at Melbourne venue Yah Yah’s on October 8th.

Listen: Localles – ‘JFK’

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