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PREMIERE: Menajerie’s New Single ‘Melt’ Captures the Sweet Seduction of New Love

Meanjin-based female-led powerhouse Menajerie is back with their latest single ‘Melt,’ which is set to be released on June 7. This neo-soul slow jam is as sweet and flavorful as honey.

The trio is known for their sultry charm, enchants with their signature style, blending bewitching melodies with tantalizing rhythms. Their debut EP ‘Selective Deafness’ in 2023 garnered overwhelming support and a nomination at the 2024 Queensland Music Awards in the Soul/Funk/R&B category. Riding high on this success, they are now ready to unveil ‘Melt.’

Menajerie – ‘Melt’

‘Melt’ is a raw, seductive love song that captures the fluttering heartbeat and butterflies of new romance. With its neo-soul groove, romantic lyrics, funky wah guitar, soaring synths, and slinky rhythms, the song is both passionate and sweet. It reflects the blooming warmth of early love, hinting at the uncertainty of the future while remaining optimistic.

Menajerie’s frontwomen of the band Gracie Mack, “Melt is about that kind of love that turns your insides to liquid gold. I wrote the song in the early stages of a romance that felt really healing and special. Melt kinda feels to me like a mushy love song parading as a neo-soul groover. It’s enchanting, joyous, and a bit sexy.”

‘Melt’ challenges the familiar, pushing the boundaries of soul and exploring the twists and turns of love. The melody and lyrics together follow the strange path of falling in love, where everything feels both familiar and new.

Prepare to feel weak in the knees and let your heart tremble as Menajerie’s ‘Melt’ captivates your senses on June 7.

You can stream the single on June 7 from here.

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