Tom Morello

Tom Morello Releases New Single “Soldier in the Army of Love”

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has released a solo track, “Soldier in the Army of Love,” featuring guitar work by his 13-year-old son, Roman. It is said to be taken from what Morello, in an Instagram post, calls “my first ever full-length solo rock album.”

While Morello hasn’t revealed either the title or release date of the LP, he did share his perspective on the new single, calling it an important one for him.

Tom Morello “Soldier in the Army of Love”

Morello said, “‘Soldier in the Army of Love’ is a love song for the ages about the most revolutionary force in the cosmos – music.” He feels music to be both the healing balm of the soul and a fierce weapon of justice. This single, overall, bears a special generational connection because the heaviest riffs were composed by his young son, Roman, who also performs the solo. Morello is proud and loudly shares the talent of Roman, referring to him as a “13-year-old guitar wizard” and representing new hope for the future. He believes that these new generations of musicians, exemplified by his son, are “soldiers in the army of love” who will continue the legacy of using music to inspire and bring about change.

In collaboration with his son, Morello asserts that rock and roll is forever and never stops developing. With his well-versed experience and Roman’s rejuvenated talent, this track combines different influences yet simultaneously shares a deep passion for music. Morello’s new single doesn’t only show his artistic self but presents Roman’s emerging self and gives a good forecast for the future of rock music.

You can stream the new single ‘Soldier In The Army Of Love’ here

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