PREMIERE: Stare Into The Soul Of Max Quinn’s Onomatopenis In His ‘Waterloo’ Music Video

Sporting my favourite ludicrous band name of the week so far, Max Quinn’s Onomatopenis has just dropped this riveting clip for Waterloo, shot in one gruelling take over three exhilarating minutes where nothing happens. Well almost nothing, he sits down at the start and swallows around the two minute mark, but other than that it’s just Max staring at camera for three minutes. And it’s so entertaining.

Now if this is the first you’ve heard of Max and his amazing nomenclature prowess, he’s best summed up with his own words – “Max Quinn is a self-deprecating jerk whose opinion should not be trusted on any matter whatsoever now and also in perpetuity.” To say he has a sense of humour about himself is a bit of an understatement.

The track itself is classic Onomatopenis (don’t get to write that everyday). Matching indie rock instrumentation with hilariously honest lyrics, the song is an ‘ode’ to living in the central Sydney suburb of Waterloo. Except by ode I mean on point criticism.

The lyrics are the real stars here, with almost every line worth quoting. But that would mean you wouldn’t even have to listen to it, so why don’t you put down the bong and hit play below.

Max Quinn’s Onomatopenis – Waterloo

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