Ex-Triple J Unearthed Lord Max Quinn Has Broken The Australian Music Industry With A Single Tweet

Recently retired triple J Unearthed firebrand and frequent deliverer of social media giggles  Max Quinn has shaken the Australian music industry — nay, the world — to its very core with a single, game-changing tweet.

In a bid to promote his budding artistic career and powerful new single ‘Live Again’, the young maverick decided to road test a bold new promotional strategy, genius in its simplicity yet bizarre enough to see him labelled a lunatic and dangerous rogue by those in the digital marketing sphere (probably).

But proceeding unabashed by his detractors, Max Quinn did it. He tweeted his own name.

The risk paid off immediately. Quinn’s engagement stats were off the richter scale!


But little Quinn know, he had start a revolution far greater than he could ever have imagined. His tweet would be the spark that would light the fire that would burn the Algorithm down.

Soon, scores of Aussie artists began following Quinn’s lead, tweeting their own names, and seeing similar results:

Now, as we speak, Quinn’s revolution is in the process of going global:

Will you join him in standing against the Algorithm?

While you contemplate your allegiances, you can listen to Max Quinn’s striking new single ‘Live Again’ below.

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