PREMIERE: Watch Jurassic Go Wild In A Warehouse For ‘Left Low’ Music Video

Melbourne four piece Jurassic kicked off 2021 with the release of their electrifying new single ‘Left Low’, and now they’ve supercharged it again with the release of the song’s accompanying music video.

The video – the band’s first ever – sees the Jurassic band mates grow tired of the mundane worklife in warehouses and offices, instead opting to let loose, wreak havoc and stick it well and truly to the man.

“We had a hell of a lot of fun shooting this,” the band said of the music video.

“Filming took place over two days, with an amazing crew lead by Bradley Martin and Elizabeth Campbell who orchestrated everything. They did an amazing job! We drew from real life experiences to come up with the storyline of the video, and fair to say shows like Workaholics definitely had an influence too.

“Kudos to our good mate Daniel ‘The Talent’ Witnish too for playing the role of the boss – was a ripper time taking the piss with mates.”

The nostalgic, sun-drenched feel of this track mixed with its chaotic and wild music video is sure to remind fans of Violent Soho, Hockey Dad and other local legends.

Watch the ‘Left Low’ music video below.

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