Are The Presets & DZ Deathrays Working On New Music Together?

It looks like DZ Deathrays could very well be working on The Presets‘ forthcoming new album.

Earlier today The Presets uploaded a cheeky photo to their Instagram with DZ singer Shane Parsons with the caption, ‘HOT NEW RAWK TRIO PZ DEATHSETS’. They also uploaded a snap of Parsons with a guitar to their insta story.

Over the weekend DZ Deathrays announced that their third album is done, which means that its more likely that any creative juices flowing are going towards making music for The Presets’ new record.

Earlier this month The Presets took to Facebook to declare that their forthcoming record is “becoming a monster,” and with Parsons potentially on board for a collab things could well be falling into place.

But who knows, they could just be good m8s hanging out and showing their fans their cute, budding friendship. Music Feeds has contacted the bands for comment.

DZ Presets

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