Private Investigator Believes Whitney Houston Was Murdered, Has ‘Evidence’

A Hollywood-based private investigator believes that Whitney Houston was murdered by henchmen sent by drug dealers – and claims he has evidence to prove it.

According to the International Business Times, Paul Hubel told the National Enquirer that he’s obtained a video of Houston’s killers, which he plans to pass on to the FBI.

“I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of high-powered drug dealers, who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs,” Hubel said.

“Whitney’s body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life.”

Hubel come to his conclusions after viewing Houston’s coroner’s report and obtaining information “from a network of drug informants”.

He believes that while Houston’s death was drug-affected, and a coroner’s report indicated no foul play, the immediate incidents building up to her moment of death were initiated by drug dealers attempting to collect around $1.5 million in debts that they were owed by the singer.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office ruled that Houston died in February of an accidental drowning. Upon further examination, it was discovered that the I Will Always Love You singer suffered from a heart condition, and had a cocktail of drugs in her system at her time of death.

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