Promoter Accuses Sydney Venue Of Having “Ulterior Motives” For Cancelling Beenie Man Show

The promoter in charge of Beenie Man‘s current Australian tour has accused Sydney venue Max Watt’s of having “ulterior motives” for cancelling the Jamaican reggae star’s show at the establishment, after the venue said “alleged fraudulent ticket sales” had supposedly taken place.

The show, which was scheduled to take place at Max Watt’s tonight but will now be held in a different venue, is being promoted by the agency KingsBridge Live. The company’s Director, Odia Ukoko, tells Music Feeds that despite the venue raising concerns over “something to do with credit card fraud”, KingsBridge was “not in violation of any aspect of [its] contract with Max Watt’s”.

“Everywhere there are credit card transactions there’s going to be credit card fraud,” Ukoko says. “That’s why we pay a ticketing organisation to vet the transactions and make sure that the credit cards used are for the right people. It’s got nothing to do with me.”

Earlier this week, KingsBridge Live announced a “flash sale” of $49 Beenie Man tickets. When asked about the allegations publicised by Max Watt’s, Ukoko says KingsBridge Live had sold a small number of physical tickets to fans, but obtained these tickets in the appropriate way.

“We told the ticketing agent [Oztix], ‘We would like to have hard copy tickets, because we have certain demographics in our fanbase who prefer to have physical tickets. Is that okay with you?’ ‘Sure.’

“You can’t turn around and say these are fraudulent tickets. This is slander.”

Ukoko says KingsBridge Live didn’t sell the printed tickets for more (or less) than their original price, and says he doesn’t understand why Max Watt’s pulled out of the show.

“I don’t know why they did it,” he says. “I think there are lots of ulterior motives and in the end it will come out, but right now we are just focused on getting the show on the road and making sure that we give Beenie Man’s fans something they’ve been hanging out for for the last seven years.

“You do not bail out of a contract because you have ulterior motives.”

Tonight’s Beenie Man show has now been moved to a new venue — Marrickville’s The Factory Theatre. Fans who purchased tickets to the Max Watt’s show will still have to buy new tickets for the Factory Theatre show, and will need to contact Oztix if they wish to be refunded for the Max Watt’s show.

Music Feeds has contacted Max Watt’s for further comment.

Beenie Man has taken to social media himself today, to announce the new show. Catch his video message below.

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