Puddle Of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin Reportedly Involved In Standoff With 30 Police Officers

Dramatic photos have emerged of Puddle Of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin’s arrest last month outside his home in LA.

According to reports from TMZ, the She Hates Me singer was locked in a standoff with 30 police officers armed with assault rifles, after refusing to come out of his house.

The gossip rag cites “law enforcement sources” as saying they got a call about burglars hitting a car parked in Scantlin’s driveway, but when they arrived, the singer darted into his house and refused to come out.

According to TMZ:

When he continued to ignore them … they called in at least 30 officers with guns drawn. After a couple of hours, police broke down Wes’ back door and hauled him out.  

Scantlin was arrested on a previous warrant but escaped getting booked for the standoff. And as for the burglary – cops say the singer was trying to jump-start the car, not clean it out.

Since the arrest, the troubled frontman has been back on tour with Puddle Of Mudd, but things haven’t exactly been going so well.

Scantlin’s bandmates recently walked out on him mid-show, leaving him to have a ranty onstage meltdown.

And it was the third time this year that the band had failed to finish a show. Both of the previous incidents occurred in February – prior to his arrest – with Scantlin accusing a fan of stealing his house at one gig, and threatening to call the mafia on the sound guy at another.


In the last year, Scantlin has been arrested for a DUI not once but twice, and has a history of skipping shows for being arrested or, sometimes, for no reason at all.

Somebody please get this guy some help.

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