The Internet Is Tearing This Puddle Of Mudd Cover Of Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl’ To Shreds

2000s post-grunge outfit Puddle of Mudd first broke into the mainstream with their ‘She Hates Me’-featuring debut Come Clean, but they’ve gone viral in this, the year 2020, for a less than ideal reason.

Back in January, the band covered Nirvana‘s Bleach favourite ‘About a Girl’ while appearing on SiriusXM radio. It sat relatively dormant until recently, when the internet discovered the video and did what it does so well – tore it to absolute fucken shreds.

Those deriding the cover are mostly pointing to frontman Wes Scantlin’s vocals during the performance. While the rest of the band play a competent acoustic arrangement of the grunge standard, Scantlin strains his voice to hit the high notes and is off-key for much of the performance. It’s pretty painful to watch.

The video has already been watched over a million times. Most likely in response to its pillorying online, the video is currently unlisted on SiriusXM’s YouTube channel. It currently stands at about 2.5K likes and 17K dislikes, which is pretty brutal no matter how you cut it.

Puddle of Mudd returned with fifth studio album Welcome to Galvania, their first album in a decade, last year, following a lengthy period of legal troubles for Scantlin.

Watch for yourself below.

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