Punter Stabbed To Death In Mosh Pit At LA Punk Band Feels’ Show

A punk fan has tragically died in California after being stabbed in the mosh pit during a gig.

23 year-old Nathan Joe Alfaro was attending LA garage-rockers Feels’ gig at Santa Ana venue Underground DTSA when he became involved in a fight, as reported by OC Weekly.

Feels’ frontwoman Laena Geronimo said that the suspect, named by police as 21 year-old Juan Angel Rivera, was violently mashing by himself and annoying other punters while watching the band before them, Ghali. He was also attacking people on the outskirts of the room.

“Not moshing in a punk way,” Geronimo said.

“More like ‘this is my excuse to fuck people up’ kinda style.”

The victim attempted to calm the suspect down and he was even ejected from the venue briefly but he returned later and a fight broke out.

“All of the [sic] sudden it became a dog pile on the stage, it knocked over the mic, the band was still playing, the drummer was still going and it was this crazy dog pile on the stage of people swinging at each other and trying to pull people off each other,” Geronimo said of the incident.

The fight didn’t look uncommon for a punk show but Geronimo eventually noticed that there was “blood dripping everywhere.” It was then apparent that Alfaro had been stabbed. Geronimo noted that the stabber looked to be affected by drugs.

Alfaro sadly passed away later that night. Police have since Rivera and will charge him with murder.

Feels were unaware that the man had died in hospital until the next morning and left the venue thinking that he had been stabbed in the shoulder and would be okay.

The LA punk band were playing as part of a five band punk bill at the venue. They have since taken to Facebook writing, “fuck this insane violence.”

“We are sick with the understanding that this happened before our eyes.”

Listen: Feels – Bitched

We are completely devastated, so totally at a loss for words but feeling the need to say some things in honor of the…

Posted by Feels on Friday, 4 March 2016

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