Guitarist From US Hardcore Band Stabbed In Alleged Homophobic Hate Crime

Guitarist Alex Lyman from American hardcore band Slaves (not to be confused with the British punk duo of the same name) is recovering in hospital from a four-inch stab wound, after allegedly being shanked for the crime of being “a faggot in skinny jeans”.

Posting a picture on Instagram of his right arm and torso hooked up to an IV drip and several other intimidating medical doovalackies, the axeman claimed to have been knifed by “a felon with prior charges” in an unprovoked attack.

Fellow Salves guitarist, Weston Richmond, was also admitted to hospital with a broken arm, which he says was sustained in an attempt to protect his bandmate from the assailant, whom he describes as “a homophobe brandishing a large knife”. One of the pair’s friends, who was also there at the time, was likewise gouged.

While Lyman’s main knife wound was not pictured in the post (probably for the best), he did give a lengthy description of the altercation and the injuries that were sustained. It reads:

“Last night I was stabbed in the side with a 4 inch cut that is 2 inches deep and a centimeter from my spleen.

This was all from a felon with prior charges who is now in prison. There was no confrontation and nothing was done to provoke this. It was spilt because I’m a “faggot in skinny jeans” I have multiple slices on my throat and arms but only one serious one.”

Bandmate Jonny Craig also commented on the post: “Wow I hate the world we live in. Glad my dudes are ok and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to smash this dudes teeth in with my brass knuckles”.

The band were scheduled to perform on the US Vans Warped tour and, according to a post on their official Facebook page, will still play, albeit without one of their guitarists.

“Well, so much for warped tour..” Richmond posted on his own Instagram. “Alex Lyman and I got into an altercation with a homophobe brandishing a large knife. Our good friend Blake was stabbed, as well as Alex. He attempted to stab me too. I luckily avoided that and ended with a broken hand and minor cuts..”

The Sacramento Bee reports that local police have arrested and charged suspect Timothy Brownell over the incident, on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm. They say guns were found at Brownell’s home when he was arrested. He was released on bail on Monday.

“Alcohol was a factor in the incident,” Sacramento Police Department officer Justin Brown said. “There were words exchanged between the suspect and the group. A physical altercation ensued and the suspect pulled out a knife.”

Fox Sacramento are reporting that Police are investigating the incident as a felony assault and hate crime.

The whole thing echoes a recent incident in the Sydney suburb of Newtown, which saw a transgender musician bashed outside a live music venue in an unprovoked attack, allegedly by a group of trans-phobic arseholes who likewise bandied about the F-word. Two of those alleged assailants have since been charged.

Lyman concluded his own Instagram post poignantly: “Wish the world could stop hating what they don’t understand.”

Slaves (US) are set to join Vans Warped Tour on July 14.

UPDATE 24/06/15: Sacramento police have officially ruled the attack a hate crime and issued an arrest warrant for the alleged assailant who is currently out on bail. Alex Lyman has also posted a picture of his stab wound, along with an emotional statement sharing his feelings about what happened. Read more here.

Unfortunately @WestonTRichmond broke his hand protecting Alex and will not be able to play our upcoming shows 🙁 but we will still be there.

Posted by Slaves on Monday, June 22, 2015

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