QOTSA’s Josh Homme Talks Jay-Z: “The Guy’s A Kook”

Never one to mince words or fret about speaking his mind — and standing at a towering 6ft. 4, why would he? — Queens of the Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme has taken a stab at hip hop legend Jay-Z, citing dissatisfaction with the way the rapper handled his Made In America festival.

The band, who released their sixth studio album …Like Clockwork earlier this year, were asked to play Jay’s recent event, alongside other alt-rock luminaries Nine Inch Nails and The Gaslight Anthem.

But judging by comments made to CBC Radio 2, Homme wasn’t thrilled with the way Hov conducted his festival:

“The guy’s a kook, you know. He has security frisking bands on the way in. I just told him, ‘If you open up my bag, we’re not playing. So I guess it’s up to you to have to decide whether we’re playing or not. You shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should fuck off.”

A natural businessman, Jay regularly takes the opportunity afforded by the festival to push his investments. While young guns Odd Future took the delivery of a bottle of Hov-sponsored cognac, with a note signed “From Jay,” to mean they’d finally made it, Homme was less impressed with the “Always Be Closing” style of the rapper.

Jay had sent the Queens a “gift” of a bottle of champagne, along with a request that Homme and co. have their picture taken with it. Said Homme: “I was like, ‘That’s not a gift–that’s a marketing tool. I destroyed it, ’cause I thought it was rude overall.”

You can check out the full interview below.

(Via The 405)

Watch: Josh Homme Talks Jay-Z On CBC Radio 2

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