Queens Of The Stone Age Release Yet Another Disturbing Clip For ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’

Carrying on in a similar manner to the two clips released previously, Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Keep Your Eyes Peeled sees us once again follow our crazed monster beastman thing as he explores his dark, animated world of QOTSA macabre. The track itself takes a back seat to the narrative, but there would be no better soundtrack to scummy bar fights and brutal beatings.

The clip continues in the same storyline set up by Kalopsia and I Appear Missing, which were both released recently. You’ll notice Keep Your Eyes Peeled ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so it seems the nightmare of this particular monster/beast/man is far from over.

It’s so close to the release date but it seems the band can hardly keep a lid on it. A handful of the tracks were performed live for a Belgian radio station recently, though judging by how elaborate and complex the rollercoaster that is …Like Clockwork has been so far, there’s probably a long way to go before this ends for us, as well.

Watch: Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’

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